Our Vision & Mission:


To emerge as a global player in the mining and processing of magnesite and other minerals by adopting environmentally benign methods ensuring sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.


To produce, process and market the planned quantity of Magnesite, Soap Stote and other mineral products efficiently and economically involving the local community with due regard to safety, quality and conservation.


  • We uphold highest ethical standards in conduct of our business.
  • We build lasting relationships with customers based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • We create and nurture a culture that supports flexibility, learning and is proactive to change.
  • We chart a challenging career for employees with opportunities for advancement and rewards.
  • We value the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful difference in the life of the local community by enhancing the skill.

Why Choose us

Experience of Organisation

Over 40 years of experience in mining and mineral processing.


The company is a permanent member of Federationof Indian Mineral Industry (FIMI)..

Latest Quality Standards

Stringent quality checking with time bound deliveries.


Growing with the local Community

Being one of the oldest Industrial set up of this remote hill region of Uttarakhand we are proud to be associated with the local community where migration is the biggest challenge.